Subtle But Serious Signs Of Foundation Issues

Posted on: 12 October 2020

Most homeowners know that cracks in their home's foundation are a warning sign that some repairs are needed, but many homeowners don't know how to recognize the more subtle signs that your home's foundation is in serious need of repairs. Before you overlook a potentially significant sign, you should familiarize yourself with the more subtle indications that your foundation is in trouble. Here are a few of the indications that you need to watch for.

Window And Door Issues

If your home's windows used to glide up and down the window frames easily but now stick and are difficult to open and close, that's an indication that your foundation may be in trouble. Your windows depend on the frames remaining square for them to move properly. When your foundation weakens or shifts, it can cause the walls to shift. This results in windows that are no longer square. Since the glass in your window panes won't adjust, it leaves you with windows that are difficult to move, tight in the frame, and generally problematic.

The same situation can happen with your door frames. The door frame should be square for your doors to open and close correctly. Just like window frames shift and are no longer square when there's foundation trouble, your door frames can shift as well. This may leave you with doors that start sticking, making it harder to open and close them.

If you're noticing trouble with the windows and doors in one specific area of the house, that's a sign that the foundation in that part of the house may be in need of repair.

Pest Issues

Although every home is vulnerable to pest infestations and problems, homes with foundation problems are far more likely to have issues. When your foundation is cracked, damaged, or separating from the house, it creates areas where pests can more easily get into your house.

This is especially an indication of foundation trouble when it's paired with tight windows and sticking doors, but any time you notice an increase in pests in your home, that's a sign that you shouldn't ignore. In addition to reaching out to a pest control company, you should talk with a foundation repair technician to find out if there are any problems with the foundation. 

Uneven Floors

When your foundation is damaged and in need of repair and extra support, it can cause your entire home to shift. This can lead to uneven floors, sagging areas, and other floor issues. When you notice that previously level floors are suddenly uneven, you should reach out to a foundation repair technician to identify the source of the issue.

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