Situations That Are Considered Plumbing Emergencies

Posted on: 19 June 2020

If you are a homeowner, then you probably know that pipe leaks are just a part of owning a home. And, most leaks are easy to repair if you are a DIYer. But, there are some cases where a leak is an emergency and requires a call to an emergency plumber as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn about these situations. 

You Cannot Locate The Leak

You probably know that there are a wide variety of plumbing lines that run through your walls to supply your kitchen and bathrooms with water. And, these pipes can develop leaks just like any other pipe in your home. The problem is that if one of these pipes is leaking water, it can be impossible to tell where the water is coming from. The water will flow until it finds its path of least resistance. You may see water then pooling along the floorboards or coming through the ceiling on the first floor of your home. 

The problem with these types of leaks is that they cause a substantial amount of damage in a short period of time. They can also be dangerous since you have electrical wiring running through the walls as well as the pipes. 

Your best course of action to take when you cannot see or locate a leak is to shut off the water at the main inlet. Also, think about shutting off the electricity and contact a plumber immediately. Soak up the water that you can see with towels as you wait for the plumber.

Water Leaking Into Basement And Failed Sump Pump

Sump pumps are essential in areas where rainstorms are numerous. Even the most solid basement structure will leak water eventually. And, some people will see a constant flow of water into the basement during particularly treacherous thunderstorms. If you notice this and also see that your sump pump is not working, then you should call your emergency plumber right away. 

While the issue may not be an emergency just yet, it may be within a short period of time if water continues to pool into the basement. And, it is easier to repair or replace the unit if a flood issue has not already started to develop. 

Make sure to check the electricity running to the unit before you call and also investigate the outlet pipe to see if there is a clog. And, if you can, get the model name and number of the sump pump. This way, the professional can bring a replacement to your home that matches the one you already have.