This Is Why The Occasional Sewer Line Cleaning Is A Good Idea When You Use Flushable Products

Posted on: 13 March 2020

Sewer line cleaning is something that many households go through on a regular basis in order to keep their plumbing - both inside and outside - working smoothly. If you use flushable products in your home, like baby wipes or tampons, you might want to consider doing the same. There may be a problem brewing under your feet without your knowledge. Here's what you should know about it.

What Makes It Flushable

Products that are marked as flushable provide a certain level of confidence in homeowners. Obviously if it says that on the package, it must be safe to flush, right? Unfortunately, the answer isn't always as cut-and-dry as that.

Flushable products are tested to ensure that they're small and flexible enough to successfully make it through the plumbing attached to a toilet. However, that's all. Each manufacturer can perform their own tests and there's no rigorous standard that they're all supposed to uphold. So no one is testing whether using flushable products for weeks or months will cause a problem further down the line, and for many people, they will.

The Problem It Can Cause

Flushable products often make it successfully out of the toilet and to the sewer line. After all, they're tested for this part. However, it's when they reach the sewer line that a problem can start.

When flushable products get to a sewer line, they can start to get caught on debris that's already in there from going down the drain or the toilet or even coming back up from a sewer when there's been a heavy rain. The more products you flush, the more of them will get stuck, and eventually, it'll become a full clog.

Staying Ahead of It

You have two main options here: giving up flushable products entirely, or taking steps to ensure that you don't have significant plumbing problems down the road. Thankfully, with adequate maintenance, you shouldn't have to worry.

The real solution here is to have a plumber come out on a regular basis to perform plumbing maintenance. This can usually be done with either a mechanical snake or by hydro jetting the pipe, which blasts any debris out of it with highly pressurized water. This will ensure that everything makes it to the sewer proper and that you don't have to worry about the sewer line becoming clogged and sewage potentially coming back up inside your home.