Traveling This Winter For The Holidays? Know How To Keep Your Plumbing Safe

Posted on: 18 November 2019

As you get ready to pack up your home for the upcoming winter holidays, you may not be thinking about how your plumbing will be affected. You never know what could happen when you're not at home, which is why it helps to follow these tips to keep your plumbing safe.

Keep The Furnace On

You may think that there is no need to heat your home while you are not around, so it is safe to turn off your furnace until you return. Unfortunately, this is a sure way to cause a pipe to burst while you are away. Your HVAC system provides heat to your home and even helps keep the space between your walls and in the basement warm. Without heat, those pipes can see temperatures that are below freezing. While you may come home to frozen lines, you may also have a pipe burst that causes a lot of damage.

Keep your thermostat at a lower than normal temperature if you want to save money, but don't turn it off completely.

Don't Turn Off Your Water Heater

The same logic applies to your water heater since turning it off completely can result in all that water becoming frozen and causing damage to the tank. Rather than shut down the water heater completely, you can lower the thermostat on it so that the water is at a much lower temperature while you are away. Just remember to turn it back to its normal heat levels when you return home.

Open Cabinets To Improve Airflow

There may be a situation where your HVAC system stops working while you are away, which puts your pipes at a higher risk of freezing. A preventative step that you can take is to open the cabinets below your sink to improve airflow to that area. The warm air left in the home will help keep those spaces warmer than normal, which can be enough to prevent a pipe from bursting.

Let Faucets Slightly Drip

Another way to prevent a potential pipe burst is to allow the water in your faucets to slightly drip while you are away. This small amount of movement can keep water flowing and prevent the pipes from freezing.

Cover Pipes With Insulation

You can purchase pipe insulation foam from your local home improvement store to help keep any exposed pipes warm. This material slides over the exposed pipe and is secured in place with tape. A little bit of foam can go a long way in preventing a pipe burst.

For more information, contact a local plumber.