3 Major Reasons To Rent A Portable Toilet For Your Home Renovation Project

Posted on: 24 October 2019

Do you need to renovate your home next year? Are you working out a budget right now so you can see if you need to take out a loan for the process and how much you might need to save? No matter how well you care for your home, parts eventually wear out, go out of style, or otherwise need to be replaced. The longer you put this off, the more that will need to be done. The more that needs to be done, the more likely you are to forget something or to leave something out because it doesn't initially seem all that important. As part of a cost-saving measure, one such thing that may not currently be included in the plan is getting a portable restroom for the workers during the renovation process. A few reasons why it needs to be part of your plan are as follows:

Hygiene: Everyone needs to use a toilet at some point during the day, especially people who are consuming large amounts of water and other drinks to stay hydrated. Construction is hot and difficult work, and these people don't want to pass out due to dehydration. Without a porta potty for construction sites on the property, some of these workers may decide to avoid drinking. With a porta-potty nearby, they'll be able to go there.

Time: Some workers are going to be considerate and will simply hop into their truck and head to the nearest publicly available restroom facility. But this is something that can happen at somewhat random intervals during the day. While they're gone, potentially for as long as an hour, depending on where they have to go and if there is a line, they obviously won't be able to do any work on your home. Not having a porta potty for construction sites on your property could then result in the completion date of the project getting pushed back further and further due to otherwise-preventable circumstances.

Cleanup: Maybe you're thinking that you can just let the workers use your regular bathroom since it's not part of the renovation project at this time. However, even if the bathroom continues to work throughout the entire process, the construction and renovation process is messy. If the workers use your bathroom instead of a porta potty, the result could potentially be a few weeks or even months of cleaning drywall dust, paint, and other substances out of your bathroom so that they don't get tracked further into your home.

Look for places that provide porta potties for construction sites to learn more.