Need Help With Your Water Heater? Let A Professional Plumber Resolve The Problems

Posted on: 1 August 2018

Are you experiencing an issue with your water heater? If you are not getting enough hot water from the faucet when you are taking a shower and if you have noticed it is making strange, unusual sounds that you have never heard before, you are going to need to have a professional come out to look at the water heater and diagnose the issue before letting you know if you need to have certain repairs performed or if you need to have the equipment replaced.

Handling the Hot Water Situation

The strange sounds you are hearing from the water heater may have nothing to do with the lack of hot water you are getting from the equipment. In fact, there is a possibility that the hot water issue is a simple fix. The thermostat attached to the equipment may be set to a lower number, thus causing you to run out of hot water rather quickly. 

Turning the temperature on the thermostat up a bit could easily put a stop to this problem so that you can start taking those hot showers again without running out of hot water while you are in the middle of washing your body or your hair. However, you should never attempt to increase the temperature without help from a professional.

Getting to the Bottom of All That Noise

After discovering the issue with the water temperature, the professional may need to perform a thorough inspection of the equipment to get to the bottom of the noise that is coming from the water heater. When it starts making noises, a few different issues could be going on. For example, there could be a sediment buildup inside of the equipment. If so, you would need to have the equipment drained out by the professional, which is a simple fix. If it is not a sediment buildup, one or more parts of the system may be damaged and need replacing, such as the vent connector, gas valve, or pressure relief valve.

If any of the damage is too severe, the professional may recommend replacing an old water heater with a new option. It may be the perfect opportunity for you to replace outdated equipment with an energy-efficient option that will save you some money over time.

Identifying issues that are going on with your water heater may be a challenge when you do not know much about the equipment. If you are hearing strange noises coming from the water heater and your hot water is running out fairly quickly, you should have a professional look at your equipment to figure out the cause of these issues and then fix them for you.

For more information, contact your local water heater repair services.