Here's How A Grungy Sink Drain Can Make Your Dishwasher Stink

Posted on: 12 July 2018

Dishwashers are supposed to clean and sanitize dishes, so it's never a good sign if your dishwasher smells bad. If you're having this problem and there isn't any food caught in the drain of your dishwasher, then the smell might not actually be your dishwasher's fault. Here's a potential reason why your dishwasher is stinking and what you can do about it.

Dirty Drain

Your sink, whether it has a garbage disposal or not, deals with a lot of food waste. From washed off food oil to particles of leftover food washed off plates, chances are a lot of food matter goes down your drain on a daily basis.

When your plumbing is working well, this doesn't cause any problems. However, clogs - whether due to the food itself or not - can cause problems for your dishwasher.

Effect on Dishwashers

When you have a partial clog in your kitchen sink drain and particles of food get washed down, it can result in gases rising up in your dishwasher. What you're smelling is essentially the food particles breaking down in your drain. While the u-shaped pipe in your sink will help to prevent smells from coming back up from the drain, the same often can't be said for dishwashers. Since your dishwasher likely drains through the same pipes that your kitchen sink does, the dishwasher is typically directly connected to the plumbing to drain its dirty water.

What To Do

If you're having this problem, the good news is that it's fairly easy to fix. All you need to do is call a plumber to have your drains cleared and cleaned.

Your plumber will be able to quickly clear your drain's clog, either with a mechanical snake or by using pressure to blast the clog out and into the sewer line. With the clog gone, the problem is less likely to occur. However, if you really want to prevent your dishwasher from having a bad smell again, get a drain cleaning performed, too. This will help to break down oil and food particles sticking to the inside of the pipe and prevent them from making a foul smell.

Having your drains cleaned and cleared will keep this problem from happening to you. If you're noticing bad smells from your dishwasher, don't ignore it. It could mean that you have an imminent full clog in your sink that will create a big headache for you, so take this opportunity to speak to a drain cleaning professional for assistance.