4 Benefits Of Installing A Precast Septic Tank

Posted on: 7 May 2018

A precast septic tank is made of concrete. It is shaped and put together before it is taken to your home and installed. There are specific advantages that come with installing a precast septic tank.

#1 Precast Septic Tanks Don't Float

Precast septic tanks are made out of concrete, and they are really heavy. They will not float up through the dirt over time like other septic tanks that are made of lighter material. This is a big advantage. It means you never have to worry about your septic tank floating out of place, which can be expensive to fix. Floating happens with lighter septic tanks when changes in the dirt or local flooding occur.

You do not have to use as many anchors to keep a precast septic tank in place. With a precast septic tank, minimal labor-intensive anchoring is needed.

#2 Precast Septic Tanks Don't Rust

Precast septic tanks will never rust because they are not made out of metal. The precast concrete will actually get stronger over time. You will not have to worry about your septic tank cracking, rusting, or falling apart in the future. Precast septic tanks are made to last.

With steel, plastic, and even fiberglass tanks, you have to worry about rust as well as septic tank failure.

#3 Installation Is Straightforward

With a precast septic tank, the installation is straightforward. The tank has already been poured and prepared, so the tank doesn't have to be put together or set-up on site. Minimal or no anchoring will be required, depending on the soil where the tank is going. Precast tanks are really strong and will not get damaged during the installation process like lighter septic tank materials can. Precast septic tanks often have lower installation costs when compared to other septic systems.

#4 Watertight Protection

Finally, a precast septic tank is also watertight. Water will not leak into your septic tank nor will water leak out of the septic tank where it should not. Water will flow into your septic tank and out into your septic drainage field. You don't have to worry about leaks with a precast septic tank.

Precast septic tanks are really strong and heavy. They will not float up through the ground over time. They are not going to rust or leak out sewage waste. Precast septic tanks are long-lasting, and as a bonus, they are straightforward and easy to install. For more information, contact your local plumbing service.