Smell Waste In Your Flooded Basement? What To Do Now

Posted on: 4 April 2018

If heavy rains have become a problem for your area and your basement has flooded with water and sewage, there are some things that you want to do. You have to act fast because sewage in the home is very dangerous. You need to know whether the sewer pipes have backed up, whether the sump pump is pumping sewage into the house, and many other things. A plumber should come to the home to fix the sump pump and find out what is flooding and causing a problem. After the plumbers have stopped the backflow of water and sewage into the house, you need to do the following things as quickly as you can.

Professional Sewage Clean-Up

When you realize that there is water and sewage in your basement, the first phone call you should make after you have had a plumber come to the house is to a sewage cleanup company. This way, you can make sure all the waste and bacteria is removed from your home and that the waste is dumped responsibly.

The company will clean all of the materials that can be cleaned and sterilized so they aren't hazardous, and then they will let you know what items have to be removed. This company will act fast and needs to get in before mold becomes a problem as well.

Soil Testing and Backfill Replacement

If you can smell the sewage and waste outside the home as well, have a company come to your property to test the soil. Ask the company about these things:

  • Hazardous gases around the home
  • Removing toxic soil
  • Putting new backfill around the home
  • Alerting the neighbors about their soil

Once you have addressed all these issues and made the necessary changes, you can feel confident that the soil around your home is no longer toxic.

You may need to have the air in the house tested if you are worried that there are toxins still lingering around your home after it has been cleaned out by the professionals or after you have used an air purification machine.

If you know that your basement is starting to flood and you can smell the odor of waste strongly, you need to get a mask and get everyone out of the house, and then find out what is going on with the help of a professional plumber. Then get the situation cleaned up right away and the property examined.