Problems That Guests Can Cause To Your Plumbing

Posted on: 19 March 2018

Do you have guests that are going to be staying at your home? If so, they can end up causing some problems with your home's plumbing. If they do not know what should and should not go down your drains, it can lead to clogs and other problems that require professional help. Here are some common plumbing problems you may run into with your visiting guests.

Putting Oil Down Your Drains

Your guests may think they are helping by cleaning up after dinner, but it is important that they know how to handle that leftover oil. This is one item that should never go down your drain. Oil will solidify when it cools, which will form into a hard chunk that prevents water from flowing through the pipe.

Before the guests start scrubbing away at those dirty dishes, let them know that oil should go into a separate container and disposed of in the trash once it cools.

Flushing Wipes in the Toilet

It is a good idea to set a rule about what items shouldn't be flushed in your toilet. You may be responsible with using the wipes that are in the bathroom, but guests may not put much thought into what they are flushing. You'll want to let your guests know that only toilet paper should go into the toilet. Take away the temptation by temporarily removing the wipes while your guests are visiting. While it may seem obvious, some guests may assume the wipes can be put into the toilet due to where they are in the bathroom.

Leaving Hairballs in the Shower Drain

Long hair can be quite messy, and a guest may be used to letting it collect in their shower drains and not thinking anything of it. Unfortunately, this hair can easily cause a clog that will need to be snaked out. Purchase a straining drain cover for your shower, and let your guests know they should use and empty it when they use the shower.

Letting Kids Play in the Bathroom

Young children do not know any better when it comes to what they can flush. If you also have children visiting in a home that normally doesn't have children in it, let the visiting parents know that the bathroom should be off limits to the children unless they need to use it. This will prevent items from accidentally being flushed down the toilet when you are not around.