Signs Of Signal A Possible Water Leak Under The Foundation Of Your Home

Posted on: 25 January 2018

A slab leak is a serious plumbing problem. One of the worst things about it is that water can be leaking under the slab for a long time and you may become so accustomed to the higher water bills that you don't suspect you have a problem. It's not until you suddenly have a huge water bill when the pipe begins to gush that you realize something serious is wrong.

Here are some other signs that might indicate you have a slab leak. If you notice any of these problems in your home, you may want to call a plumber for an inspection before your home sustains expensive water damage.

An Increase In Silverfish And Other Bugs

If your home has a basement, you may notice silverfish everywhere when there is a slab leak, especially if you have cardboard boxes stored down there. The presence of silverfish is a sign there is too much dampness and humidity in your home. Other bugs are attracted to dampness, too, so you may see an increase in other household pests as well. Even bugs like roaches and spiders can suddenly become a problem because there are so many water-loving bugs around for them to feast on.

The Floor Temperature Is Warmer In Some Spots

If the broken pipe is for hot water, then you may notice a warm spot on the floor when you walk around in bare feet. If you suspect you have hot water leaking, you want to call a plumber right away. Your water bill will skyrocket and your electricity bill will as well if your electric water heater has to strain to compensate for the water loss. In the same way, you might notice one area of your floor feels cooler when the cold water is leaking. You might even notice dark spots on the concrete basement floor due to the concrete soaking up water. There could be damp spots on your carpet if your home is on a slab, which is a bad situation since that can lead to mold growth under the carpet.

You Hear Water Noises Or Smell Dampness

When your house is quiet at night, you might be able to hear water leaking under the slab. You'll hear the sound of water running through pipes, but you may not have any idea where it is coming out. If you suspect you have a water leak but you can't find water leaking anywhere in your home, you should suspect a slab leak or a leak in an underground pipe outdoors. If the leak is inside your home, you may notice a constant damp smell or smell mildew odors.

Sometimes a slab leak is obvious. You might see water leaking onto your floor or there might be water soaking into a wall and causing discoloration. Other times, you can have a slab leak and have no idea your home is being damaged by water. When you see signs of increased dampness and humidity in your home, call a plumbing professional for help. A plumber can quickly pinpoint a hidden leak and get started on repairs to fix the problem.