Think You Have A Broken Water Main? Here's What To Look For

Posted on: 26 July 2017

The water main is practically the starting point for your water service, as it provides water from the municipal water pipe to your home. It's not unusual for this crucial pipeline to fall victim to corrosion and breakages, resulting in leaks that could do more than just rob your home of its water supply. The following takes a look at some of the more common signs that your water main is in need of immediate attention.

Low Water Pressure

One of the first indicators that something's amiss with your water supply involves low pressure. Your home's plumbing relies on a specific amount of water pressure. Without it, you won't be able to get but a trickle to come out of your faucets or shower heads.

Clogs and broken pipes within your home can cause localized drops in water pressure. If there's a sudden and severe dip in water pressure throughout your entire home, however, it'll likely be due to a sudden leak or break in the water main.

Higher Water Bills

Your water bills should remain relatively stable from month-to-month, with only moderate variations in water usage. If your water bills suddenly skyrocket without any clear signs of increased usage, then it may be time to have your trusted plumber take a thorough look at your plumbing. Chances are that sharp and unaccountable water bill increase is likely due to a damaged water main. 

Soggy Areas on Your Lawn

This tends to be one of the more obvious signs of a water main leak, especially as the summer heat dries out other areas of your lawn. A water main leak can saturate nearby areas of your lawn, leaving it softer than expected in spots. In some extreme cases, the water can percolate to the surface and leave behind visible puddles. If you're dealing with an unusually soggy lawn, then you may have a water leak on your hands.

Water Discoloration

It's not unusual for dirt and debris to slip through a leaking or broken water main. This can cause the water coming through your faucets to take on a brownish tint as well as an unusually earthy taste. Also keep in mind that existing corrosion can also tint your water in the same manner, although a good, thorough flushing should return your water back to normal. If no amount of flushing can alleviate your water discoloration, then you may be dealing with a broken water main.