Three Tips On Caring For Your Grease Trap

Posted on: 18 July 2017

If you run a restaurant or own a large kitchen and need to be sure that you are taking care of safety and restaurant quality, you'll want to maintain the grease trap. This grease trap is the part that lets you keep the oven clean of oils and animal fat so that it doesn't clog the system and create a fire hazard. If you want to take care of your grease trap in this way, follow these tips. 

#1: Get regular cleanings

In order to keep your grease trap running properly, it is necessary to hire professionals for thorough cleaning. The more that you keep the grease trap cleaned, the easier it will be for you to reduce waste in your kitchen. It is important that you document your grease trap cleanings, so that you can remain compliant with your local municipality. This will help you to pass health and safety inspections, which are crucial for maintaining your business or property. Getting these cleanings also helps keep your exhaust system running in an energy efficient way, which will let you avoid pollution and also reduce your spending.

#2: Keep your kitchen area safe

To really make sure that your grease trap is able to help you in the kitchen, you need to maintain safe practices in your kitchen as a whole. First, make sure that you are constantly cycling out the oil or grease that you use to cook. Using the same gritty and dirty oil will make your grease trap clog quicker and create even more fire hazards. You should also keep your kitchen up to safety codes and invest in an industrial fire extinguisher. Buying a fire extinguisher will cost you between $300 and $800. Make sure that you and everyone that operates in your kitchen knows the right way to use a fire extinguisher.

#3: Replace and repair your grease trap when it stops working

If your grease trap is starting to break down on you, you need to have the contact information of grease trap repair contractors available. By shopping around and getting quotes for a grease trap repair or replacement, you will minimize downtime and keep your kitchen fully functional. Research and consult with the grease trap repair and installation company to know that you're in capable hands.

Make sure that you call a contractor if you need help with any of these ideas. Click here for more information.