Don't Let Your Pipes Burst: 4 Tips To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

Posted on: 14 July 2017

There's nothing worse than a broken water pipe. Your home fills with water, your personal property is destroyed, and you're left facing the bills for cleanup. Unfortunately, there's no real way to tell when your pipes are about to burst. That's why it's important for you to know what to do when it does happen. Having some advance planning in place will allow you to act fast to mitigate the damages. Here are four steps you should take if your pipes burst:

Shut the Water Off

If you've got water spraying from a pipe, the first thing you need to do is turn the water off. If you can easily access the shut-off valve to the ruptured pipe, simply turn the water off at the source. For instance, if the pipe has burst under your sink, reach under and turn it off at the sink. However, if you can't access the shut-off valve, or you're facing a rupture of several pipes, such as can happen during a winter freeze, you'll need to shut the water off at the main valve. You'll be without water to the entire house, but you won't have a potential flood to contend with.

Unplug Nearby Electrical Devices

If you've got water pouring into your home, and it's near electrical devices, you'll need to cut off the power to those devices, as quickly as possible. If the water hasn't reached that area, simply unplug your electrical devices. However, if water has begun to flood your home, don't walk in the water. Instead, go directly to the main electrical box on your home and turn the main power off.

Open Your Windows

If you have a ruptured water pipe in the middle of the summer, the heat can build up inside your home very quickly. Unfortunately, heat and water can cause moisture to build up inside your home very quickly. When that happens, you can end up with a mold problem on top of your flood problem.

Call Your Plumber

If your ruptured water pipe isn't something that you can handle on your own, you'll need to call a plumber as soon as possible. Ruptured water pipes are a serious problem, especially if the pipes are located in the walls, attic, or under the foundation of your home. Your plumber will be able to take care of the problem quickly, so you can avoid more serious water damage.

Contact local plumbing contractors for more information and assistance.