Why Your Toilet Tank Doesn't Fill And How To Repair It

Posted on: 24 June 2017

Toilets are pretty simple things. They don't have complex parts, so repairs are often simple to do. However, while they may be simple, they might not be easy. It can be difficult to replace a toilet due to a bad wax ring or cracked tank just because it's heavy and you have to move it in a tight space. That's why some repairs are best left to a plumber. One problem you may encounter with your toilet is a tank that won't fill all the way. This may cause you to flush multiple times to clear the bowl. Here's a look at some reasons why this could be happening.

The Float Ball Is Too Low

Take off the lid on the tank and have a look around. You might see a ball shaped object floating on top of the water. This ball is what shuts off the water that fills the tank. If it is too low, the water shuts off too soon. Try to bend the arm connected to the ball so it sits higher in your tank. This should allow more water to flow in.

The Fill Valve Is Worn

Some toilets operate with a fill valve rather than a float ball. If you don't see a big ball floating on top of the water in your tank, then the problem could be the fill valve instead. The fill valve is located on the long stem on the side of the tank. When you flush the toilet, the handle pulls up a chain that lifts the flapper valve. When water drains from the tank, the flapper valve closes and water flows back into the tank through the fill valve. If the fill valve shuts off too soon, there won't be enough water in the tank for a full flush. You can buy flapper valves and fill valves at a hardware store and replace them without too much difficulty, but if you don't know how or if you're not sure if that's the problem, then calling a plumber is the best option.

There's Not Enough Water Flow

Water flows into your toilet from the small inlet hose connected to the bottom of the tank. This hose has a valve, and if it's not fully open, the water flow to the tank is restricted. If the valve is open, consider you might have a problem with a pipe that supplies the inlet hoses. There might be a leak or clog from rust buildup in the supply pipe. If that's the problem, you'll need a plumber to investigate the supply pipe to see what's going on.

If you attempt to repair the toilet yourself and things go wrong, remember, you can shut off the water to the toilet by using the valve on the supply hose. You could even turn off the main water valve that's outside your house if necessary to prevent a flood in your bathroom until the plumber arrives. Plumbers like O'Brien Plumbing  can help.