Hard Water: The Cause And Warning Signs

Posted on: 31 May 2017

Hard water is an issue that many homeowners have difficulty diagnosing. Hard water is not always an issue that can be diagnosed quickly since some of the key warning signs involve difficulty cleaning things over time. Ignoring a hard water problem can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and appliances in your home, which is why you will want to know what warning signs to look for to have the problem repaired.

Why You Have Hard Water

The cause of hard water is from all the minerals found underground. They will leech their way into your water supply and will dissolve into the water. This can happen with well water or a municipal water source, causing problems with every water faucet in your home. Calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, iron, and limestone magnesium all contribute to hard water, which run the risk of causing enough damage that hard water should be a concern to you.

Warning Signs of Hard Water

Dirty Dishes

The first place you may notice hard water is on your dishes. It does not matter if you wash dishes by hand or use a dishwasher, because hard water causes a problem with dishes never getting quite as clean as they could. The surface of a dish cleaned with hard water will eventually look spotty or have a coating similar to powder on them. Dishes with this damage will still be usable, but the film left behind prevent the dishes from getting as clean as they could.

Clogged Fixtures

All of those small minerals will find their way through your plumbing and could be causing clogs at your fixtures. The minerals can have difficulty passing through the small holes of an aerator or a shower head. You'll notice the clog due to the lime scale on the plumbing fixture, which can also extend into the pipe.

Bathing Difficulties

Hard water can cause issues when showering that prevent you from getting clean. Just like with your dishes, hard water can leave behind a film that clogs the pores on your skin. The result is skin that is itchy or dry. You may also find it hard to rinse soap away, since the water is so saturated with minerals that it has problems taking soap with it as it washes over your body.

You'll want to contact a plumber, like Midwestern Plumbing Service, if it is clear that your home has hard water, which will require water filtration to resolve once and for all.