A Few Ways To Avoid Clogs

Posted on: 19 May 2017

If you don't learn how to avoid clogs in your plumbing system then you can end up dealing with a lot of plumbing issues, much more than you ever should. Here are a few ways you can make sure you are doing all you can to avoid these issues in your homes plumbing system:

Watch how you treat the garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal is a wonderful tool that helps you to grind up small pieces of food that would otherwise make their way down into the p-trap where they can get caught and lead to clogs. Although the disposal is there to chop this food, it still has its limitations and not treating it correctly can lead to plumbing issues like clogging and even a broken disposal.

Even though there is a disposal, you still want to scrape the bulk of food off your dishes before rinsing them so large pieces don't go down the drain. Also, there are certain types of foods you don't want to put down the disposal at all. A few of these include rice, pasta, egg shells and fibrous veggies.

Never allow grease or oil to go down the drains

Bacon grease, lard, vegetable oil, peanut oil and all other types of grease and oil should never be allowed to go down your drain. When oil is heated it may look like a liquid form that would be fine to put down the drain, but this is definitely not true.

Warmed up grease will quickly cool as it moves through the plumbing pipes and as it cools it will stick to the sides and get hard. As it clings to the pipes it causes them to become smaller in circumference. Pieces of food that also goes down the pipes will stick to the grease causing clogs to happen that much faster. You should pour warm grease into a container like a tin coffee can to dispose of later. Use a paper towel to wipe the rest out and get as much off the pans as possible, then you can wash the pans in the sink.

Keep your bathroom sinks clean

While you may think that things like bar soap and toothpaste will simply melt as they go down the drain with water, they can actually take a long time to melt. This means they will likely stick to the sides of the pipes or get caught up in the p-trap. Hair and whiskers can also get clumped together and lead to clogs. The best way to avoid problems is for you to wipe out the sink often, removing these things so they don't go down the drain at all.

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