Spending The Day At The Beach This Summer? Plumbing Problems You May Have When You Arrive Home

Posted on: 13 May 2015

A day at the beach is a great time for the entire family. Your children can have fun playing in the ocean water, while you have fun sitting back in your beach chair relaxing. Be careful when you get home, however, because you may have problems you are not ready for.

Sand in the Washing Machine

When you visit a beach, sand gets everywhere--from your clothing, beach towels, and inside your beach bag. When you put these things in your washing machine, it can damage your clothing and damage the drum over time. This is because sand is abrasive. Sand can also get into the pump or drain hose.

You can try to do a few things to fix this problem. Let your washer sit for a day or two to completely dry out. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, and remove the sand with it. Besides using the vacuum cleaner around the inside, vacuum under the rim of the washer. To take extra precaution, wet a paper towel and run it around the rim of the washer.

Because the sand may be in the drain hose or pipe, a plumber should be called to clean it out for you. He or she can also check if there is sand anywhere else that you may not be able to see.

Shower Draining Slow

Washing off in the shower to remove sand can clog up the drain. Rinse yourself off outside before you come in, if possible. Make sure you look inside your bathing suit, as sand can hide there too. Shake out your hair to see if sand is there also.

Not only sand can clog up a drain after a trip to the beach. If you have heavy oils applied to your skin to help with sunburn, or a creamy lotion like sunblock on your body, it can cause the shower to clog up when you rinse it off. This is especially true if a lot of people use the same shower when you get home.

Try to unclog the shower yourself using a clog removal product you can purchase at most home supply stores. Follow the directions on the bottle on how to use the product you purchased. In most cases, you pour the solution down the drain and let it sit for a few hours, and then check if the shower works normally again.

Make sure you remove sand from everything before you step inside your home the next time you visit the beach to keep these plumbing problems from happening again.

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