Get To The Bottom Of High Heating Bills

Posted on: 21 April 2015

If you had your highest heating bills ever the past winter, the off season is a great time to get your unit worked on. There could be many problems with your heater and the ventilation system that are causing the increased costs.

A Grande Prairie heating contractor is the perfect expert to look at your furnace and your ventilation system, to determine the expensive flaws that are draining your pockets. You'll want to ask the professional to do the following things.

Replace Filter

The air filter has to be replaced at least once a year, maybe more depending on how often you run the furnace. A dirty filter can lower your energy efficiency, it can cause air in the house to be dusty, and it's a fire hazard. A professional can replace the filter and clean out the filter chamber.


An HVAC expert will look at the sensors, the thermostat, all of the internal mechanical components, the fan and more. The inspection allows them to see if there are faulty parts causing your high heating bills, or if repairs are needed. The expert can also clean out the interior of the furnace.

Duct Sealing

The duct work around the home could be a huge part of your problem. Some homeowners lose up to 30 percent of heat from their furnace because of their ducts. HVAC professionals can put a sealant on the ducts to prevent this costly air loss.

Thermal Audit

A thermal audit is an inspection of the home that allows the heating and cooling contractors to test where you are losing the most air. This can tell you if your windows are the reason your furnace isn't very efficient, or if you have an insulation problem throughout the house. Fixing these issues not only saves on heat bills, but cooling costs as well.

If you aren't on a progressive payment plan to deal with the high heating bills, talk with your gas company. The payments may become a lot more manageable if you spread them out over a 12 month period, and you pay an average cost of your year's expenses monthly. After you have the heating and cooling experts in your home to check your heating unit and the ventilation system, you may find other options to lower your heating bills. If your bills are higher than ever without any explanation, get to the bottom of the problem right away.