Making The Switch From Septic To Sewer: What To Know

Posted on: 15 November 2018

There are times when you may be able, as a homeowner, to convert from a septic system to a sewer service. If you are considering this as an option, then you may already be in discussions with a plumber to handle the job. Before you move forward, there are a few things you need to know. Here are a few of those key points you should know about switching from your current septic system to a sewer services and how your plumber can help.
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Tired Of Broken Toilet Handles? Fix The Problem Now

Posted on: 21 September 2018

As a business owner, it's crucial that you keep your plumbing sound and secure. But if your toilet handles keep breaking, it can quickly disrupt your business and upset your customers. Broken toilet handles aren't just inconveniences; they present safety hazards. Fix your broken toilet handle problem with the information and tips below. How Can Broken Toilet Handles Affect Your Business? Toilet handles, or levers, allow your customers to flush your toilets properly.
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Which Septic Tank Should You Install?

Posted on: 22 August 2018

If you want to install a septic system on your property, you should educate yourself on the available septic tank options to help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the things to include in this assessment: The Septic Tank Material Septic tanks come in all manner of materials; the common ones include fiberglass, metal (stainless steel), plastic (both high-density and low-density), and concrete septic tank. Each of these materials has their benefits and drawbacks so you need to explore all those before making a decision.
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Need Help With Your Water Heater? Let A Professional Plumber Resolve The Problems

Posted on: 1 August 2018

Are you experiencing an issue with your water heater? If you are not getting enough hot water from the faucet when you are taking a shower and if you have noticed it is making strange, unusual sounds that you have never heard before, you are going to need to have a professional come out to look at the water heater and diagnose the issue before letting you know if you need to have certain repairs performed or if you need to have the equipment replaced.
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